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I don't write recomendations often. This company was neat, clean and on time. The job was going to be $600 plus tile at home depot and $570 at Lowes. When I called House Dr I expected it to be pretty close but I had heard they were cheaper.
$450 including tile! Im not just happy! I'm very happy

​ Edna  Massillon Ohio




Jeff- My man cave is Awsome. I was going to do it myself but with a few suggestions from Jeff and a few extra bucks ( $100) I got a cleaner looking installation of my equipment and a real theater look. I will be back!

Tom Canton Ohio


Our Favorite

I screwed it up, Called House DR, got a price and decided it was too much.

I screwed it up more.

I called Lowes and got an eye opening price.

I screwed it up even more!

I called House DR and gave up! They fixed me up in less than1/3 of the time that I spent on the first screw up.

I looked at my receipts. I spent exactly the same on the screw ups as I would have spent had I just went with House DR and Jeff the first time.

Never again! thanks Jeff

Signed : Jim the weekend Repair warrior Retired--- Massillon Ohio

Need More? Google Housedrjeff

I contacted House DR after visiting the local hardware. Not only was I given the best advise, but I was shown a way to save money and use it for other things I wanted done.

Now I have a granite counter top instead of a concrete countertop and it was the same price.

Thanks Jeff

Luinda Massillon Ohio​​



I'm a single mom. Getting stuff done affordably is difficult because I don't know anything about mecahnical stuff. I called House Dr and they came over right away. I never checked to see if they were cheaper or not but I was reasured that they knew what they were doing. After they left I called another company to check pricing and I was suprised to find that House Dr was 30% cheaper. They could have really taken me to the cleaners.

Instead I have enough left over to enjoy a new washer and Dryer. Jeff I will be back!

Tina  East Canton



I had a tile floor installed by another contractor. They MESSED IT UP ROYALLY.

I called House Dr Jeff off of Craigslist and he said he could fix it.

Once he took a look at the job, he pointed out the loose tiles and all the mistakes. I opted to just have it totally replaced.

The Job was near perfect when finished and the total cost was $100 less than the original installer charged! I am a customer for life!


Sean M  Ellet Ohio


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